We are 15 ambassadors recruited by Sugar Paris to present you the thousand and one ways to use the products you will find at the show. Cake Designer or purist confectioner, we hope that our achievements will inspire you!

All the descriptions are french.


Aurélie, 22 years old, I live in Guadeloupe. After obtaining my baccalaureate, I did law studies, and it is only 2 years ago, that I rediscovered this passion that I had missed so much, pastry. It is true that I am a fan of fine pastry, high-end, but above all I love cake design and its creative side!
Everything is achievable, even the craziest requests! What a challenge to accept sometimes!

Today, I spend my CPA pastry chef, what a joy to be able to do what we love!

Aujourd’hui, je passe mon CAP pâtissier, quel bonheur de pouvoir faire ce que l’on aime!


I am Gaëlle, pastry cook cake passionate. I am married and mother of 3 children of 9, 7 and 2 years, true gastronomic critics. I started as a little everyone, with the best motivation possible: to see stars in the eyes of my children! Not finding cakes as I wanted, I decided to do them but with a great requirement: it had to be Excellent!

Design is important in a cake but it is important to remember that it is above all something that will be eaten!

Gourmet nature, er … VERY greedy, I left with the help of my robot in search of the perfect cake adapted to the climate and the taste of the Antilles for my 3 children, and since I stop more .. My devouring passion took precedence over my nursing job until I passed my CAP and created my Facebook page.


Having a great fondness for pastry, I always liked to create objects of personalized decorations, clothes, jewels and creative hobbies. Mom of 45 years, I fell into the sugar dough 4 years ago for my youngest, lactose-allergic at the time, He could not eat cakes. I then wanted to surprise him by making a beautiful decorated cake. So I took courses and training, worked a lot to improve myself by learning from day to day, I set goals. Indeed, I entered cake design competitions to see my abilities, and finally I won two medals in 2016, GOLD and SILVER.

Completely addicted to cake design, I finally opened my small company “the delicacies of Nathaly’s” for the pleasure of young and big gourmands.


My name is Claire, I’m 34 years old and I love pastry! I created this blog two years ago with my husband Remi: I make the cakes and he takes the photos. I thought of this blog as a notebook of sweet recipes, so I put all the ones I tested and approved: cookies, buns, cakes, desserts, etc. I am very greedy and I love to try all kinds of desserts: simple things that can be done at home daily without much effort and more sophisticated recipes invented by the great pastry chefs. Always looking for the ingredient or the utensil that will allow me to make exceptional desserts and I love to learn about different pastry techniques


Surprises and treats is a blog “100% sweet” for the greediest of you: desserts, pies, macaroons, cabbages, cakes of all kinds … 300 recipes always well explained so you can easily reproduce them at home . The goal ? make you happy and make you want to bake! I do not know you, but me, I find that gluttony is a nice defect …


Here I am, here I am Lhaj Azzouzi, Alias ​​Home In the kitchen! I did not choose cake design but it was he who came to me. Indeed, 7 years ago, at the birth of my daughter, and being a big fan of pastry, I wanted to make her birthday cake. What a good idea ” ! Not bad to taste but visually it was necessary to iron. After some attempts, not without difficulties for his next birthdays, and being a perfectionist, I decided 4 years ago to put myself seriously in order to make him a beautiful cake! I became interested in sugar dough, and then I discovered a limitless world, where the imagination is the only brake. Today, cake design is an integral part of my life and sticks to my skin. My goal is to look good but especially to discover people who think that the cake design is only for prettier, that it is quite different and cake design is pastry in its own right. It is possible to combine good pastry, fine sugar dough, beauty and extravagance.


Passionate about creative pastry, I love creating new sets, exploring new techniques, making new recipes. Passionate about creative hobbies and home-made, I like to mix techniques, and a method of modeling polymer clay can be used to create elements of decorations of a cake. I started to please my children by creating unusual birthdays, with cake and matching party decoration, about 18 years ago, even when we could not find much in store and even less on the internet , I had to create everything, imagine everything … Today, I want to continue to improve my technique, to test new recipes, to discover all the new tools available to us and especially to continue to please by suffering because Shining eyes of a child in front of his birthday cake is the most beautiful of the rewards!


I’m 27 years old, my name is Olivia from where the O’secret O sweet. I have graduated in pastry since May 2015. My passion is cake design in particular. I am mother of 3 children and in my free time I make cakes, macaroons etc … I exposed last year on the theme of Alice in Wonderland at Sugar Paris.


I am Jennifer, I am 30 years old, I am married and a mother of a little princess of 3 years old. It is almost three years since I tried cake design, so I discovered a real passion. I started by making simple cupcakes for the different family events and then as I began to challenge myself. In real self-taught I decided to create a page on social networks, Jen’s Pretty Cakes, that I feed my creations to share with my family and friends, my love for this Art gourmand. Since I had the opportunity to make tutorials for the website Cake Fair, it is both a great pride to have had this privilege and a very beautiful recognition.


Stephanie, 26, more commonly known as ChefBibi, I live in Rouen in Normandy.

I am Counselor Orientation Psychologist in college and high school and passionate culinary blogger on my free time. I was introduced to very small cooking by my grandmothers, my mother and my sisters, we can say that in my family it is a history of tradition. Generous and always looking for new challenges, pastry allows me to combine my creativity and my rigor to produce inventive recipes, original and gourmet. My blog “Shrink in the Kitchen” was born a little over two years ago, it includes my recipes, my favorites, my rants and advice of all kinds. My goal through this blog is to share my favorite dishes, to make them accessible to all, but also to dream, create, escape through the wonderful world that offers us the kitchen.


I am Mary 36 years old, after 15 years of career in the catering industry I became passionate about cake design, self taught in a first time, I followed some courses of cake design to strengthen my achievements. Since I started, I spent my CAP pastry free candidate and I got it. O Gourmandises De Mary was born

I create custom cakes and also give cake design classes. My job is above all my passion, in which I put all my heart, all my time and all my soul. I attach great importance to the details of my pieces, the finishes must be perfect and the taste tasty!


I am a little Dame Madeleine chocolate and wild strawberry (42 years) at home, I Popote, I Paste especially, while taking care of my Family (2 children, a husband and a dog) We live in the country of the Violet cow of Gruyère and Stéphan Eicher.


My name is Delphine, I am from the Loiret but I have put my suitcases in the Var for 9 years now. The pleasure of cooking was inspired by my mother, who concocted us good food each day. It was therefore natural for me to put in the stove once installed. But, even if I am greedy for everything, I am above all a sweet tooth. Pastry has taken more and more space in my daily life to become a passion that drives me to always seek to improve myself, while still being simple so that everyone can redo my recipes at home.


Youtubeuse passionate pastry, I share my recipes through photos tutorials on my channel. The recipes are fun and original to please the biggest. Mother of two daughters and a boy, I am from Lille Malian origin and having lived in London and Italy for several years, my pastries are probably a reflection of my tastes and personality.


Mother of three children and married for 9 years, I have always been a great passion in everything I did. My artistic side has always been present throughout my life. Shared between the theater, the music, the drawing and the kitchen, it is finally this last passion which takes an important place in my life. Although I wanted to make my passions my job, I had to give up the idea because for my grandmother, living theater or cooking was not thinkable. It’s been 23 years since I was a military nurse but pastry occupies an even bigger place in my everyday life. This passion I share with my two daughters who help me enormously. My projects ? For now many workshops, fairs, craft markets but I would perhaps go abroad to discover my pastry and pass on my passion to all lovers like me.